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MasterMind 6 min read · February 10, 2023
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The increasing concern for privacy and security in the digital world has led to a surge in demand for privacy-focused cryptocurrencies.

Since 2018, Scala has been innovating and developing privacy solutions, and we don’t intend to stop anytime soon!

The Scala’s 2023 roadmap consists of four main development priorities:

  1. V8 Menger Mainnet
  2. Mining Hub
  3. BSC/ETH Bridge
  4. Marketing

We expect 2023 to be a bullish year for privacy projects, and we believe Scala will be at the forefront of this trend.

Here are the details of all the items that make up our roadmap for 2023.

Unstoppable Domains Integration

Unstoppable Domains has always supported Scala, offering technical expertise and financial incentives to integrate its features into the Scala ecosystem. This time, we are excited to announce that we have received a development grant to integrate Unstoppable Domains within our wallets.

We have already completed the integration of this feature into our wallets.

UD has added Scala to its list of supported currencies. You can now send and receive crypto using a human-readable name, for example, mastermind.crypto, instead of a long string of numbers and letters.

Please not that you must have XLA enabled on your UD domain to use this feature.

This is one more step towards the mainstream adoption of XLA!

Psst. We are also listed as UD’s official partners:

V8 Menger Mainnet

V8 Menger is a major upgrade to our network. It brings a host of new additions — mainly our much-anticipated security solution Diardi. You can find all the details about this new version in our previous article.


The testnet has been underway with our community for a few months, and so far, we have not had any major issues that would prevent the mainnet release in the next weeks. We are still working on updating our official pool, but we don’t anticipate any major issues.

No more centralized mining farms’ domination

Many of you have long complained about the large multi-coin mining pools like MoneroOcean and c3pool, which have monopolized most of Scala’s hashrate in recent years, putting a lot of selling pressure on XLA:

We believe we have finally found the solution to this non-trivial problem that many other projects have tried to tackle with limited success.

V8 Menger will provide added security for no extra cost, and we believe it will help to fight against big centralized mining farms. Every 4th block is a Diardi block, so if the critical stakeholders (like pools and exchanges) use a confirmation period above this 4-block limit, they can be assured that malicious miners cannot make a private block mining 51% attack.

New Reward Curve

V8 Menger will also include some much-needed changes to the reward curve. The reward curve is set to be deflationary but according to an emission curve (so it wouldn’t drop at certain intervals exactly). Instead, it will follow a smooth curve until the tail emission value is hit (999 coins).

The rewards a Diardi operator gets will be 1/4th of the blocks per day, this is because the electrical effort that goes into producing a Diardi block is much lesser than that of a regular block.

Updated wallets

This new version of the network will require an update of our wallets, so we will take this opportunity to improve and stabilize them, especially the GUI wallet.

New Website

We have been working on our new revamped website for the last months, with the addition of a blog to improve our SEO and visibility on privacy and mobile mining topics.

Mining Hub

We are excited to announce that we will be working on a new product to democratize CPU-mineable coins!

Following the closure of the Hostero service, we have decided to take over the project and begin the development of a centralized mining hub platform called Scala Mining Hub.

We will be using Hostero’s open-source components and libraries as a starting point to kickstart the development of our new platform.

This new product will bring more utility for XLA and provide new cash flow to the project.

BSC/ETH Bridge

One of our goals for 2023 is to expand our exposure beyond the privacy-centric ecosystem.

We have already been working on Solidity contracts that will allow us to build a swap between any ETH-compatible chain. This will allow us to build a gateway for Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum (ETH) that will allow our users to swap wXLA (wrapped XLA) for ETH and BNB.

Once the dust on V8 Menger settles, we will continue working on the cross-chain integration and will be sure to keep you informed about the progress of this project.

wXLA Token

The new wXLA token linked to our current XLA coin will bring greater visibility to our project and drive more demand for the project.


As most of you know, we are now under the legal umbrella of Haku Labs, a legal entity created to oversee the project’s operations. This legal status creates new opportunities regarding exchange listing.

CEX vs DEX Listings

TradeOgre has served us well over the last years and has always been a strong partner to our project by providing LTCBTC and USDT trading pairs for XLA without needing KYC.

With concerns surrounding CEX in terms of regulatory compliance, and the delisting of privacy coins like Monero (XMR), we feel that spending large amounts of money (typically 100,000$ and more) to get listed on CEX might not be the way to go. That being said, if the opportunity comes to get listed on a CEX at a fair price, we will definitely evaluate it.

The launch of our wXLA on ETH and BSC will open the door to many opportunities for DEX listings, and we will explore those options actively once our token is released.

Fun & Educational Events

We are always looking for ways of engaging more with our members and also adding new people to our community. This year, we will be actively looking for ways to increase our exposure, for example, AMAs with other projects, and cross-project collaboration.

Scallet V3

Most of you already know that in 2022, we released the updated version of Scallet, our web wallet and payment gateway:

We will work on improving the user interface of this tool to make it more user-friendly and consistent with Scala design guidelines.


Looking back, we see how far we have come in the last few years. Our community is now engaged and strong, and our team is as passionate and committed as ever.

We can’t thank you enough for your consistent support. The entire team is excited about these upcoming challenges and is looking forward to them!

Don’t forget we are a decentralized and community-based project. If you would like to contribute to our growth, head over to our Community Contribution System (CCS) to submit ideas or to apply for an approved task:

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