Mine Crypto on Any Mobile Device

Effortlessly mine XLA coins on your Android mobile or IoT device with safety and simplicity.

Mining crypto on any mobile device has never been easier.

Our unique technology allows you to mine XLA on any Android device, using our innovative app designed for efficiency and ease of use.

Our Vision

Scala's vision is to bring as many users as possible into our rich ecosystem. Discover the innovative solutions that we have developed to enable mobile devices to play a crucial role in our network consensus.

State Of The Market

In recent years, various endeavors have arisen to democratize mobile mining. Some of these undertakings employ staking or airdrop mechanisms to compensate the miners. However, such approaches do not contribute significantly to enhancing the security and distribution of the blockchain network.

The Problem

The present initiatives involving software-based mining on mobile devices suffer from a critical issue. The software used for this purpose does not adequately safeguard the hardware from damage. Moreover, the memory requirements of CPU-mineable cryptocurrencies are not optimized for mobile devices, as they are primarily intended for desktop environments.

Our Solution

We developed a unique mobile-friendly algorithm that does not damage the hardware. This is where Panthera and the AMAYC protocol come into play.

Mobile Miner

Powered by Panthera, our custom proof-of-work algorithm optimized for CPU and ARM architectures, our system excels in efficiency. Resilient against ASICs, FPGAs, and GPUs, it also holds a level 2 quantum-resistant rating. This groundbreaking innovation enables us to offer real crypto mining on any Android device – be it a phone, tablet, TV, car, and more. Try it now!

Scala Mobile Miner


Our custom proof-of-work algorithm consists of RandomX, yespower and KangarooTwelve. Each of these hashing functions serves its purpose in making energy-efficient CPU and ARM mining a reality.

  • RandomX is designed to minimize the efficiency of specialized hardware
  • yespower is meant to reduce the capability of GPU hardware and is 17% more efficient on ARM architectures than yescrypt.
  • KangarooTwelve provides resistance to two-state quantum computers.

This makes Panthera highly efficient on general-purpose CPUs and ARMs.

Panthera algorithm

As-Much-As-You-Can Algorithm (AMAYC)

To ensure the mining device always remains in safe operating conditions, we developed our own solution: the As-Much-As-You-Can (AMAYC) machine learning algorithm. AMAYC detects if the device will run hot and pauses the mining process until safe CPU, and battery temperatures are reached.

temperatures threshold

Mining Statistics

Check and compare the potential hashrate and earnings of your hardware. We provide benchmarks from users using different hardware.