A secure, anonymous and mobile-friendly cryptocurrency offering easy-to-use solutions to ensure financial privacy.

Privacy for everyone.

Highly secure.
Truly private.

Scala's decentralized and privacy-oriented architecture paves the way for global adoption while ensuring genuine anonymity.

Mobile chip


Mine Scala on your PC and Android smart devices.

Storage nodes


Sensitive blockchain data is stored in a P2P network.



Balances and transactions are invisible to others.


Explore how Scala enables a seamless and private digital financial experience for users around the world.

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The well-tested CryptoNote protocol enhances your privacy and security by providing anonymous transactions, blockchain-analysis resistance, untraceable and unlinkable transactions, double-spending proof and much more.


Panthera, our custom-developed proof-of-work algorithm, has been highly optimised for CPU and mobile architecture (ARM). We have also developed a highly efficient mobile miner for Android devices.

Maintainability, speed and security

Notary nodes make the network easier to maintain while providing faster synchronisation speeds and better protection against 51% attacks.


A group of democratically elected network supporters host the node lists and checkpoints in a distributed network powered by IPFS and LMDB.

High energy efficiency

Our proof-of-work algorithm has been optimised to fit more energy-efficient CPU and ARM architectures. We have also developed a unique machine-learning algorithm called AMAYC (As-Much-As-You-Can), which prevents your mobile device from overheating.


Scala features a simple community contribution system that allows our community to further contribute to the project and enrich our ecosystem to achieve our shared vision. The system allows anyone to apply and work on an approved task and then receive a reward for it.

Start mining on any Android device.

Our unique technology allows you to mine XLA on any Android device, using our innovative app designed for efficiency and ease of use.

the Scala network

Discover true privacy and anonymity through our suite of applications. Our unique technology unlocks the power of our secure and efficient network.


Scala wallets allow you to make fast, secure blockchain-based payments without intermediaries. We provide desktop, CLI, mobile and web-based wallets.


Scala provides effective mining capabilities on Windows, Linux, Mac and Android devices, while ensuring safety and privacy.

Content Delivery Network

Scala Share is a secure, fast and decentralised content delivery network (CDN) that allows users to easily upload and share files.

Shape a decentralised future. Anonymously.

XLA is Scala's coin and serves as the foundation of our secure and anonymous ecosystem.

Mining crypto on any mobile device has never been easier.

Our unique technology allows you to mine XLA on any Android device, using our innovative app designed for efficiency and ease of use.

Distributed wealth
for every device.

Scala is an open-source cryptocurrency project that democratizes access to wealth by empowering every device worldwide with accessible and secure solutions.

A coin for everyone

Scala’s vision is to bring as many users as possible into our rich ecosystem.

Mobile ecosystem

Mobile devices play a vital role in fortifying Scala’s network security and decentralization

Efficient mining

Our unique and innovative technology enables mining on mobile devices in an efficient way.


Scala uses a mobile-optimized proof-of-work algorithm technology for increased security and efficiency.

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