Panthera V7 — Swap Instructions

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MasterMind 3 min read · July 16, 2020
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As announced in our previous article presenting the Panthera specifications, we have decided to perform a swap to a new blockchain.

The date for the swap has been set to July 31st, 2020 21:00 EDT.


Option 1: Exchanges

The first and simplest option is to deposit your Scala coins on TradeOgre or Crex24.

  1. Deposit your XLA coins on TradeOgre or Crex24 before the deadline.
  2. The exchange will put the wallet on maintenance at the deadline.
  3. The exchange will automatically swap your coins to the new chain.

Don’t wait until the last minute to transfer your coins, remember there’s a 200 confirmations limit on TradeOgre, and even more if you transfer a larger amount of coins.

Note: TradeOgre will process the swap a few hours after the deadline, while it may take up to 2 weeks for Crex24 to complete the swap process.

We strongly recommend that you use this method as it will avoid delays and potential problems.

Option 2: Swap Tool

The second option is to use the web service that the team is currently developing for the swap.

This tool will only be available after the swap exchange deadline (July 31 2020, 21 EDT), since you will need to provide your new v7 address.

Swap Tool Instructions:

You will be asked to provide some basic information about your wallet. Then, we will verify your original balance and send you the swap directly.

This option is intended mainly for people who missed the swap deadline. It will only be available for a few months after the deadline, so make sure to get everything ready within this time frame.


Be extremely cautious during the entire swap process. Remember that some dishonest people might try and use this opportunity to steal your coins, and be aware that they can be quite creative. This is why we advise to only use the team’s official communication channels. Also, keep in mind that we will never ask for your private keys or information about your wallet or balance by sending you direct messages.


What is a swap?

A coin swap is a mechanism that converts coins from one blockchain to another.

What is the swap deadline?

The deadline has been set to July 31st, 2020 21:00 EDT. If you miss the deadline you can still swap your coins by using the Swap Tool (for a limited time only).

What is the swap ratio?

The swap ratio is 1:1, which means you will receive 1 XLA for every XLA that you have at the swap deadline.

What exchanges support the swap?

As of today, only TradeOgre exchange has confirmed its participation. Other exchanges will not support the swap. This article will be updated if there is any change.

Why are you using TradeOgre to conduct the swap? Is it safe?

Security and privacy are core values for Scala. We decided to use TradeOgre as it has proven to be very reliable and supportive of our project over the years. Also, we wanted to reduce the burden on the team and to ensure the sustainability of the entire process.

Will there be other swaps in the future?

No, this is the only swap that we plan to do.

What will happen to my old XTL/XTC/XLA coins if I miss the swap?

We made sure to provide several options and plenty of time for everyone to do the swap. The swap tool will be available for many months after the deadline, and in case you still miss the swap, you can contact the team for assistance.

Will orderbooks be swapped automatically on TradeOgre?

Yes, the orderbooks will be kept as is after the swap.

Have you rebranded again? What is the name “Panthera”?

No, we haven’t re-re-re-rebranded! Our project name is still “Scala” and our ticker XLA. “Panthera” is simply the name of the V7 release, as “Himalaya” was of the name of the V6 release.

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