Mobile mining, ScalaPay and the new web platform

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MasterMind 2 min read · October 1, 2019
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Some of our community members suggested to have monthly updates again. In general this is a good idea, but it turned out to not work so well for us because we sometimes don’t have exciting news each month.

We now want to try something in between. The recaps will be done when we think that we have enough content to be summarized. They will be kept very simple and hopefully give you a better overview of our activites.

So let’s jump right in and see what happened since the fork.

Making the algorithm work on mobile devices

V6 brought a new algorithm which enables more efficient CPU-mining. It also set the cornerstone for mobile mining.

We are again faced with the task to make the algorithm work on mobile and ARM devices. The first tests are looking good so far.

A cross-platform version for the upcoming alpha release is in the works.

A new wallet and miner

We also developed a new desktop wallet and CLI miner.
Here is an article about how to set up and update everything.

Check details here.

ScalaPay is getting a facelift

As you might have seen in the #application and #design tasks on our Discord channel, ScalaPay is getting a more user-friendly UI.

Here is one of our discarded design ideas. The version that is currently being implemented will be displayed on our upcoming website.

A discarded design for ScalaPay

The new web platform

We are creating a uniform design for our web platform. This means that not only the website is getting an overhaul, but also all other tools we have on our web platform.

Blockchain explorer WIP

Community contribution

CaptnSlo created a cool chart with hashrates on the new algorithm.

Well, that’s it for our first recap. We hope that you enjoyed it and found our little “hint” regarding the GUI miner. 🙂

Have a nice week, guys!

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