Mobile Miner v1 & Milestones

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MasterMind 2 min read · January 27, 2020
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The recent developments have brought us closer to our milestones and the vision of the project.

The mobile miner is nearing the public beta release, IPFS is officially implemented within the Scala daemon, ScalaPay has received some UI improvements and we are reviewing the final draft for the upcoming website.

Mobile Miner public beta

We are currently debugging the mobile miner using feedback from our comunnity supporters. The improvements include updates on the UI, fixing bugs and the addition of a payout widget. We’ve also had some issues with ARMv7 devices, so we have decided to put that aside for now, in search of a solution.

Current state of the Mobile Miner

Other than that, the mobile miner works pretty well, and we’re looking forward to the public beta release.

IPFS got implemented into the blockchain

Scala node-lists and checkpoints are now stored in a peer2peer, distributed network hosted by a conglomerate of blockchain supporters. This addition not only makes the network more secure, but also easier to maintain. Further information about IPFS technology can be found on their website.

You can now also store and share files via IPFS.

IPFS dashboard view

So make sure you downloaded the latest daemon and wallet and try it out!

Scalapay is online again

We have decided to put Scalapay back online so that you can use it while we keep working on it behind the scenes.

The new website

We are currently adding a Mobile Miner section along with a few minor tweaks to some explanations to the upcoming website.

As we already mentioned, lots of things have changed in the past and we would like these improvements to be reflected on our website, in order to have a more consistent online presence.

So let’s hope that this will be our last iteration. 🙂

We made a privacy meme!

Have a nice week everyone! Keep mining!

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