Bug fixes, our own mining pool and a new server for ScalaPay

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MasterMind 3 min read · November 9, 2019
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In the past few weeks, we’ve been busy fixing bugs related to our daemon not syncing properly and migrating some of our applications to new servers.

The daemon synchronization issues got fixed

As many of you may have noticed, the previous patch caused the daemon to go out of sync. We disabled the wallets on our exchanges to prevent any issues while debugging the problem.

Our community members helped us to test a fix and get rid of the sync issue.
We keep monitoring the situation to make sure our network remains stable.

All exchanges have been enabled again, except Crex24 which will be enabled once some adjustements that needs to be made by their team are done.

Our own mining pool

As most of you are aware, CyptoPool.Space has been hosting our official mining pool for quite some time. Unfortunately, our friend 1rV1N announced that he was shutting down his operations on October 30th 2019.

Good luck 1rV1N and thanks for your dedication!

To ensure more flexibility and stability, we decided to migrate the pool to our own servers. The migration was completed on November 6th, and from now on the pool will be maintained by our team.

The URL stays the same: https://pool.scalaproject.io/

Special thanks to cryptoamity for working behind the scenes to get this done and to 1rV1N for his dedication for the past few years.

Community member Oieieio launched a new mining pool

The URL is: http://scala.oieieio.xyz/
Don’t hesitate to use his pool to spread the hashpower!

A new server for ScalaPay

ScalaPay is currently offline as we are migrating the backend to a team member’s own server. This not only reduces our expenses but also gives us more control over the backend.

We used this opportunity to perform some tests to make sure the daemon runs without issues. This is why we are having an extended downtime for ScalaPay and all related services like Haku — the Discord bot — which relies on the ScalaPay backend.

Did you know?

The ScalaPay backend is designed to repair itself and correct all missing transactions. No transaction which is made during the downtime is lost.

The website is in final revision

We are currently putting together the last pieces of our new web platform (graphics and paper wallet mainly). Once the website is deployed, we will also publish the new anticipated BitcoinTalk announcement.

New #network team member

We want to welcome Teredic in the team. He helped us a lot with testing and fixing bugs lately and has been a great supporter since the beginning.

We are happy to have you on board!

Finally, we want to thank our community for your continuous support.

Have a nice weekend, guys!

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