The V6 Himalaya mainnet pre-fork

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MasterMind 2 min read · August 4, 2019
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First and foremost we would like to give a huge shoutout to everyone who participated in the first Himalaya testnet run!

We were able to draw valuable insights from it and squash a few bugs as well.

The mainnet pre-fork test is today

Building on the lessons learned from our past experiences, we perform a quite unorthodox test: we take the new gold master daemon and set the block height arbitrarily to a simulated date and then fork.

This helps us to better identify potential issues of the upcoming mainnet fork.

Results from testnet

No major issues were discovered on the Himalaya testnet. After compiling the data obtained from the community, we are very excited to see that DefyX has faster verification speeds than our previous algorithm.

V6 testnet results
V6 hashrate results

Open-sourcing and updating

We have open-sourced the CPU miner and the pool module on our GitHub.

The CPU miner is not yet fully optimized and will get updated over the coming weeks. We will also update you on the release status of XLARig on our Twitter account.

For pool operators

If you are new to the scene, the implementation of DefyX might cause a few hiccups. So if you have any questions about updating your pool, please drop them on our Discord server.

Rebase to Monero’s newest version

We’ve decided to upgrade the codebase to Monero’Boron Butterlfy. It has some cool new features like:

  • Blockchain pruning
  • Better sync speeds
  • Generic multi-signature wallets
  • Many bug fixes
Demand and Supply equilibrium

Emission and supply

The total supply will be reduced to 19 billion and the emission curve has been adjusted so that it lasts longer than initially set.

And last but not least, a little highlight from our Discord community!

A Discord member( DrEsche ) made a movie poster with our new mascot, Haku!

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